Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association - Stallion Performance Test 2004

Olds, Alberta
August 26 - September 2, 2003

2003 Stallion Performance Test

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Sandstorm, 2003 SPT Champion, with Coby van den Bosch up.
Photo by Bonnie Herbers

The 2003 Stallion Performance Test (SPT) which ran from August 26 to September 2, in Olds Alberta, marked the fourth anniversary of the CWHBA SPT. For the first time the test was run in cooperation with Equine Canada, as part of a larger project to develop a “Quality Assurance Program” for all Canadian bred horses. Using the SPT as a model and taking into consideration inspection procedures in place for other Canadian associations it is hoped that Canadian breeders will be encouraged to participate in quality assurance programs such as performance testing, which will improve our export market opportunities as we improve our product through identification of superior breeding stock.

Ten stallions were nominated to the test but only seven actually made it to the test. Due to injuries and other unforseen circumstances, only five were able to complete the full test. Once again a highly competent international panel, chaired by Fritz von Blotnitz, member of the Hanoverian SPT judging commission at Adelhiedsdorf, and including, Hokan Wahlmann, President of the Finnish Warmblood Horse Breeders Association and active dressage trainer, Eve Mainwaring, CWHBA Stud Book Committee member and senior inspector and Colleen Embree-Jay, CWHBA Vice - Chair and President of the Ontario Chapter provided the necessary expertise to thoroughly adjudicate the stallions.

Well known Alberta breeders Jon and Jacquie van den Bosch made a very successful debut with two young imported stallions from Holland. Four year old Sandstorm by Voltaire out of Mariska by Samba was overall test Champion winning both the jumping and dressage categories with very high scores for rideabilty and jumping and good gait scores. Timebreaker by Heart Breaker out a Calvados dam, showed tremendous jumping talent and was second over all.

<< Timebreaker, pictured at left after his Licensing having earned a premium sash for a score over 7.5

It was a good week for Dutch breeding as four year old, MJ Fusion by Dutch sire Ferro out of St. Pr. Weragonia by Wedekind placed third. Bred in Alberta this handsome black CWHBA stallion showed all round ability with special emphasis on jumping.

MJ Fusion pictured at right >>

The final two stallions Swedish bred,  Bartok and the Capuccino, son Chemin du Fer performed admirably and completed the test satisfactorily, however neither of these stallions had been presented for licensing prior to the test and when presented at the mid week Stallion Inspection, both were turned down. This created a very awkward situation and pointed out the problem with presenting unlicensed stallions for the test. The Judging Commission and Stud Book Committee spent a good deal of time discussing the problem and will present recommendations for change at the 2004 AGM.

Test riding is a special job and is key to the success of any SPT. As in previous years, the 2003 SPT utilized the skills of an excellent group of riders. In the dressage phase, local Alberta dressage rider and trainer, Sherri Bresee, shared the duties with Felix Duerr, from Germany. Marion Ostemyere, Grand Prix jumper rider, also from Germany and, Erynn Ballard, well known Canadian rider, test rode the stallions over fences on the last day of the test.

Hendrik Gaeble, who has become an institution with the Canadian SPT, having participated in all four tests, brought the best out of each stallion, in his capacity as Supervising Trainer. The preparation and presentation of the stallions is a credit to the owners. The cooperation between Hendrik, Jennette Coote, Test Manager and the owners was impeccable and resulted once more in a very well run and effective test. Congratulations to everyone who participated.

Judges left to right - Eve Mainwaring, Fritz von Blottniz, Hokan Wahlmann.
Photo credit: LarCo Photography

The jog on a hard surface for the Licensing under the watchful eye of both Judges and spectators.
Photo credit: LarCo Photography

Following the German format, indexes were calculated within the group to provide for an overall general index (GI), a dressage index (DR I), and a jumping index (JU I). A total of 20 different scores covering Interior Characteristics, Gaits, Rideability and Jumping were used.

Please note that indexes are specific to the year and the horses participating - they cannot be compared from one year to another.

Sire/Dam's Sire
General Index
Dressage Index/place
Jumping Index/place
MJ Fusion

Individual Indexed Results

See background article on the development of stallion performance testing.

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