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2006 Young Breeders Championship

July 3rd to 6th, 2006
Olds, Alberta

Managed by Joanne Wright
Reported by Jennette Coote & Cindy Orr

The first Canadian Warmblood Young Breeder's Competition was held July 3-6 in Olds, AB at the Olds Agricultural Society grounds and hosted by the Alberta Chapter of CWHBA. The program welcomed Canadian youth from all over Canada. In total, 20 young people (ages 14-24) came from Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

The young breeders first competed as mixed teams in a hotly contested horse bowl competition. The second day offered clinics in judging on the triangle, loose and in the free-jumping chute, presented by Cathy Chalack and Jennette Coote, as well in preparing the horse for inspection and showmanship procedures, presented by Cindy Orr.

That evening, contestants took an exam testing their knowledge on breeding, horse health and bloodlines for the sport. The third day saw the competitors up early preparing the horses for showmanship, then showing them on the triangle. The competitors then judged horses on the triangle, for loose gaits and chute jumping ability. Senior judges for the CWHBA were Chris Gould, Cathy Chalack and Jennette Coote. They judged the horses and the young breeders scores were rated in comparison with the judge's scores. The last day saw the participants transported to Calgary to view the North American Tournament at Spruce Meadows.

Junior & Overall Champion: Katie Fleming (ON)
Senior Champion: Lisa Poirier (BC)

Scores were close, with our young breeders doing very well in both showmanship and all aspects of judging. A point spread of 84 points (out of 500) separated all the standings. Competitors were rewarded in the following categories:

Since 2003, the CWHBA has sent teams to compete in the World Young Breeders Competitions - hosted respectively in Minderhout, Belgium and Aarhus, Denmark. The Canadian competition is intended to run every 2 years, occurring in each 'off' year of the international competition. The goal is to give the Canadian youth an opportunity to learn more about the Young Breeder's program and prepare for the international competition.

Sr. Champion Lisa Poirier said she 'learned so much and had a lot of fun'. Sr. competitor Cassandra Morrish was 'pleased that her scores are improving and felt her knowledge is continuing to expand', she also added that the food was great. Quebec participant Veronique Arsenault-Gunn was very pleased to be able to come. She felt that 'she learned a lot, had fun meeting other young breeders from across Canada, and now can't wait to present her mare at an inspection in Quebec'. Judge Chris Gould said 'the showmanship was excellent as a group and that any one of these youths could show mares for him'.

Champion Junior Team: Allysa Olsen (AB), Lena Kratschat (AB), Sabrina Gillespie (AB)
Champion Senior Team: Chelsea Norris (BC), Lisa Poirier (BC), Emilie Parent (QC), Veronique Arsenault-Gunn (QC)

Event organizers Maya Iverson, Joanne Wright, Heather Osterhout and Cindy Orr were very grateful to the horse owners that supplied horses for the clinic and competition, the many volunteers that gave their time and the sponsors of the event.

Awards were sponsored by:

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