Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association - Application

CWHBA Application Forms:



Please Note: most all forms are new as of July 31, 2015. Please download and use only these forms below.

Please review the Stud Book Entry requirements to know what form you require.

For your Foals you require both sides of the Registration Application form completed, with your mare entry complete, or the preprinted form that CLRC has sent you for the dam of this foal. Effective with 2011 foals: A hair sample for DNA profiling and parent verification must be submitted at the time of registration To review the requirements.

It is a free download here!

All forms are in PDF format which require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, you may download it free of charge by clicking on the icon above and follow the instructions.
Please be patient, some forms may take time to load.

Form Name - Membership and Business Forms Paper Size Page Orientation
Membership Application - English Letter Portrait
Membership Application - French Letter Portrait
New Member Instructions Letter Portrait
Farm Owner / Partnership Application Letter Portrait
Lease of Horse Application Letter Portrait
Power of Attorney Letter Portrait
Notorized Affidavit - duplicate certificate application Letter Portrait
Transfer of Ownership - English Letter Portrait
Transfer of Ownership - French ** new form to come Letter Portrait
Registration Forms
Registration Application - all ages Letter Portrait
Breeding Certificate Letter Portrait
Stud Book Entry and/or Inspection Forms
Pedigree Approval & Stud Book Entry Application Letter Portrait
DNA Application Letter Landscape
Stallion Service Auction Nomination Form Letter Portrait
Stallion Report Forms
Stallion Report of Mares Bred (Send to CLRC; Due November 1) Letter Portrait
Awards Program
Awards Program - Nomination Form - fillable PDF Letter Portrait
Awards program - Reporting Form - fillable PDF Letter Portrait
Sponsorship Forms
International Young Breeders Sponsorship package - PDF
Internal Forms
Communications Action Request Form - Google Form

Submit Applications to:
Canadian Livestock Records Corporation
2417 Holly Lane, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1V 0M7
Tel: (Toll Free) 1-877-833-7110 or 613-731-7110 - Fax: 613-731-0704
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