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CWHBA Stallions - Introduction

Important Note: Thoroughbred and Trakehner stallions are licensed or approved for breeding to warmblood mares only. Foals by those stallions out of non-warmblood mares are not eligible for registration with CWHBA.

CWHBA National Stallion Service Auction

Approved CWHBA Stallion:
An Approved stallion is usually one which:
Foreign Approved CWHBA Stallion:
Frozen semen from foreign Approved stallions may be offered for sale by private individuals in Canada. Please contact these agents for specific terms. A Foreign Approved stallion is one which has been:
Licensed CWHBA Stallion: A Licensed stallion is one which:

Test Nominated CWHBA Stallion: A Test Nominated CWHBA stallion is one which:

An * next to stallion's names indicates they are nominated to the current year Stallion Service Auction and their foals of the following year will be eligible for a Foal Futurity in each province!
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Registered CWHBA Stallion: A Registered CWHBA stallion is one which:

NOTE: The information on each stallion included in this Directory has been supplied by the owner. While every effort has been made to ensure the complete accuracy of all information, the CWHBA and its officers and officials make no claim or guarantee as to the accuracy of same and cannot be held responsible or liable for errors.


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