Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association - Stallion Performance Test 2000

2006 National Stallion Licensing Tour

The 2006 Tour took place from August 27th - September 3rd, 2006. Of the 26 stallions presented, 14 were licensed.

This year's national judging commission consisted of Cord Wassmann from the SPT, Eve Mainwaring & Colleen Embree-Jay, both Senior CWHBA Inspectors & Studbook Committee members. Guest judges from each province joined the commission across the country including: Jennette Coote - Studbook Committee member; Joan Moore - National Inspector; Sandy Alexander - National Inspector.

The following stallions were recommended for licensing:

Von Burggraaf (Burggraaf x Neloma, Ahorn) Pictured above - 2002 KWPN; owned by Ed Bowerman, BC; bred by H J Nijhof. A modern, sport horse type with a fairly good conformation; could have shown more stallion expression. Lovely mind. Showed a powerful forward gallop with very good jumping scope and technique. In scope he showed good attention to jumping; he was good in front and quick; with bascule; opens behind. Good rideability; no challenge for him to do higher jumps.
BT:7; Cf:7; CG:6; SE:7; W:9; JS:9; JT:9; G:8; GI:8 Final Score: 7.78

Double Diamond (Nabab De Reve x Quitona Van Het Lamboreck, Chin Chin) 1999 BWP; owned by KingRidge Stables, ON; bred by P & J International. A substantial, good type of stallion; very good jumping technique and scope showing quick reflexes, roundness over fences and extra kick up of hind end. Technique could have been tighter in front. Scope is powerful & effective with athletic ability to clear fences. Showed a good gallop and fairly good walk. Gaits are reasonably correct, though could have more swing & elasticity, with better engagement. Conformation somewhat low behind withers and slightly long in frame.
BT:8; Cf:7; CG:7; SE:6; W:7; JS:9; JT:9; G:8; GI:7 Score: 7.56

Watch Out (Balou Du Rouet Z x Retina HH, Indoctro) 2003 KWPN; owned by John van den Bosch, AB; bred by P Haisman. A modern type stallion with very good head and neck; good saddle position and overall good conformation. Could have been stronger in frame. He showed very good jumping technique and scope with a good gallop. Also showed good swing & elasticity of gaits. Correctness of gaits was sufficient. Overall a stallion for jumping.
BT:7; Cf:8; CG:5; SE:8; W:7; JS:9; JT:9; G:8; GI:7 Score: 7.56

VDL Windsor H (Indoctro x Fanieta, Ahorn) 2003 CWHBA; owned by Tim Millard, ON; bred by Hogendoorns, ON. An attractive stallion with strong presence, though somewhat distracted. Good in overall topline; could have larger joints. He showed straight & even correctness, traveling a little close behind at this time. Gallop was very good with rhythm & balance; always on correct leads; gallop could cover more ground. Fairly good swing & elasticity in trot & walk. In jumping he showed good scope; fairly good technique needing to use back more over the jumps. See related Ontario Licensing Press Release.
BT:8; Cf:7; CG:8; SE:7; W:7; JS:8; JT:7; G:9; GI:7 Score: 7.56

Lantino (Lanthan x Grafin, Gralswaechter) 2003 Hanoverian; owned by Lower Saxony Stables, ON; bred by Henrik Plass. An attractive young stallion showing great presence, good breed type and a very good walk. He was strong in saddle position and frame, though could be more correct in legs. In jumping it was felt that he needs bigger fences to show his true scope. In technique, he could show more bascule. A crooked tail reduced the general impression.
BT:7; Cf:7; CG:7; SE:7; W:9; JS:8; JT:7; G:8; GI:6 Score: 7.44

Polyfax (Ploydor x Granny, Grossadmiral) 1992 Westfalen, owned by KingRidge Stables, ON; bred by Heiner Bubwoller. An older, athletic performance horse with a good canter. He was agile, careful & round over fences earning high marks for scope & technique. He showed good swing & elasticity. Could be more correct in front legs and more correct in walk & trot. Could have more stallion expression.
BT:6; Cf:7; CG:6; SE:8; W:6; JS:9; JT:9; G:8; GI:7 Score: 7.33

Calentino (Caretino x Esra IV, Lord Incipit) 2003 Holsteiner; owned by South Shore Farm, ON. A young stallion very strong in jumping with excellent scope and very good technique. He showed a good gallop with fairly good gaits. Conformation is just satisfactory. Could show more type.
BT:6; Cf:6; CG:6; SE:7; W:6; JS:10; JT:9; G:8; GI:7 Score: 7.22

Roman K (Yavari x Rivolik K, Voltaire) 2002 CWHBA; owned/bred by Karneef Equestrian Farms, ON. A 4 year old stallion with good development and type. Fairly good conformation. Legs could be more correct. He showed good scope in jumping, with fairly good technique somewhat stiff in back in jumping. Showed a good gallop.
BT:8; Cf:7; CG:7; SE:6; W:7; JS:8; JT:7; G:8; GI:7 Score: 7.22

Talme (Wellington x Valme Kerrelec, Alme) 2000 KWPN; owned by Klondyke Victory Farm, AB; bred by CT Klaver. A mature stallion with overall good jumping talent, showing very good scope and good technique. He showed a good gallop. Would like to see a little more stallion expression to score higher.
BT:7; Cf:7; CG:6; SE:7; W:6; JS:9; JT:8; G:8; GI:7 Score: 7.22

Wasabi M (Numero Uno x Obligeant II, Nimmerdor) 2003 KWPN; owned by Jason Neill, ON; bred by Marismas Sport Horses. A lighter stallion with good type and satisfactory development. Overall good jumping talent with very good scope & good technique in use of back & hocks. He showed a very good gallop. Very close behind; trot in hand lacked elasticity.
BT:8; Cf:7; CG:6; SE:6; W:6; JS:9; JT:8; G:9; GI:6 Score: 7.22
Note: This stallion has subsequently been gelded.

Weltwynd (Weltmeyer x Wonderful Lady, Wendekreis) 2001 Hanoverian; owned by Georgia Clement, BC. An older style stallion with considerable mass, somewhat lacking substance in foreleg for his size. Good saddle position, walk and gallop. Jumping fairly good in scope and technique though slow off the ground and in the air; good legs together. Undersaddle he was obedient with pleasing, rythmical gaits but heavy on the ground. He showed a good mind and was willing and brave. Very green over fences; tried very hard.
BT:7; Cf:7; CG:7; SE:7; W:8; JS:7; JT:7; G:8; GI:7 Score: 7.22

Note: This stallion has subsequently been gelded.

Formation (Formaat x Ovation, Consul) 2003 CWHBA; owned & bred by Shawn Bruins-Slot, BC. A very tall young stallion, somewhat heavy type is a bit old fashioned. He showed a good uphill, round, forward gallop, with a fairly good forward, uphill trot & a good walk. He impressed with his good mind & attitude. Jumping technique was fairly good with forelegs & hindlegs together; did open behind slightly. Scope was satisfactory; did not push off the ground.
BT:7; Cf:7; CG:6; SE:7; W:8; JS:6; JT:7; G:8; GI:7 Score: 7.0

Piper B (Ilian De Taute x Elana, Elute) 2003 CWHBA owned by Larry Crawford, ON; bred by Beasley’s Farm, ON. Very large young stallion showed good jumping technique and scope with tight forelegs; could be rounder over fence and open hind legs more. Reflexes could be quicker. Canter could be rounder with better rhythm & elasticity; a bit on the forehand at this time. Should be more correct in legs both front and hind.
BT:7; Cf:7; CG:6; SE:7; W:67; JS:8; JT:8; G:6; GI:7 Score: 7.0

Welt Klasse KF (Flemmingh x Whoopi, Weltmeyer) 2003 NAWPN owned by Equine Reproduction Services & Woodhaven Farms; bred by Jennifer Kirschman. Overall good conformation with good head, neck and saddle position; fairly good frame and legs, but could have more length of leg for really modern type. Good swing and elasticity showing good engagement behind. Fairly good canter. He showed fairly good scope through the chute with satisfactory technique.
BT:7; Cf:8; CG:5; SE:8; W:7; JS:7; JT:6; G:7; GI:8 Score: 7.0

Zapatero (Tangelo Van de Zuuthoeve x Jendeln, Voltaire) 2004 KWPN; owned by Dr Arie & Marja Koppe, AB; bred by R Raveling. A still developing young stallion with good jumping scope and excellent technique through the chute. He showed fairly good correctness of gaits but he lost marks in conformation as well as swing and elasticity. Could have more gallop for jumping. Would like to see a little more stallion expression to score higher in type.
BT:6; Cf:6; CG:7; SE:6; W:7; JS:8; JT:10; G:6; GI:7 Score: 7.0

Legend of categories for Licensing Scores:
BT: Breed & Sex Type; Cf: Conformation; CG: Correctness of Gaits; SE: Swing & Elasticity of Gaits; W: Walk; JS: Jumping Scope JT: Jumping Technique; G: Gallop; GI: General Impression & Development