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Date: August 14, 2006
Contact: Barbara Daley

Canadian Warmblood Improves Member Services with Launch of New Website

 In recent weeks, the Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association (CWHBA) launched the first phase of its new website. Long awaited, the site boasts a clean new look and is powered by up-to-date dynamic database technology.

 As many CWHBA members know, the majority of the programs offered by the Association are driven by volunteer manpower. Once finalized, the website will be no different. Designates from each provincial Chapter will be able to update the site with current information on inspections and other events of interest to breeders in their area, in a timely and relevant fashion.

'Communication is key to the success of any organization', said Chris Gould, President of Canadian Warmblood. 'I am excited about the new site, I hope it will provide a much needed communications focal point for warmblood breeders in Canada. It is a reflection of our continued growth and expanding functions and services.' 

There will continue to be links to the many programs offered by the association, such as the long running Fall Classic Breeders Sale, and its younger high-tech offshoot, the Online Foal Auction.

Enhanced marketing segments in the site support the Export Marketing initiatives which are championed by Equine Canada’s Breeds & Industry, while links to stallion information will become more accessible than ever.

International visitors to the site will come to appreciate the cultural diversity within Canada, as they visit each Provincial Chapter’s dedicated page. An outline of the history and unique geography these breeders share with prospective buyers of Canadian Warmblood horses, lend perspective to the benefit of ‘buying Canadian’.

To view the website, visit  Watch in the coming months as this new foundation bears the growth of more enhanced web communications.

Added: August 15, 2006