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Archive: 2014 Feature Horses

FEATURE December 28, 2015:
PK KALOO SK-[CAN]6271-08 G (Pik Kaiser x Kate) Owner: Niki Elash, Breeder: Ted Bansch

Erika Treis Petersen and the Canadian Warmblood gelding PK Kaloo are shown here at the Nutrena USEA American Eventing Championships, held at Texas Rose Horse Park in Tyler, Texas. The pair had no faults in cross-country or showjumping, finishing in second place in the Novice Horse division on a dressage score of 21.8.

Photo © USEA/Leslie Mintz Photo (

FEATURE December 21, 2015: BRIENNE ON[CAN]785212G (Banderas X Bold Carma xx, BoldExecutive xx) Owner/Breeder: Krista Kocot

Brienne, a stunning 3 year old Canadian Warmblood mare, recently competed at the 2015 Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, ON, placing fifth in the prestigious Lieutenant Governor’s Cup. Brienne’s rider and handler was Laura Moyer.

Photo © Krista Kocot

The Road to the Royal December 14, 2015: His Querido (His Highness x Roxelle (Quattro B), places 6th in the Lieutenant Governor's cup and 7th in the Governor General's Cup at the Royal Winter Fair. His Querido is a 3 year old Oldenburg stallion who was licenced CWHBA in 2014. He was ridden by Jenny Jelen, handled in hand by Scott Carmichael, and is owned by Jackie VandenBrink. photo credit Joanne Chu-Fook

FEATURE December 7, 2015: ART’S DESIGN MB-[CAN]2502-99 G (Arthos x Besonder, Laredo) Owner/Breeder: Ingrid & Gerhard Martin

Art’s Design, a 16 year old Canadian Warmblood mare, is in fine form, shown here at the ON mare inspection held at Janako Farms in Amaranth, ON where she was awarded Premium. Art’s Design has retired from a successful show career, where she competed at the Preliminary level in eventing and in the 1.10m junior/amateur jumper division.

Photo © Fieldstone Photography

FEATURE November 30, 2015: M3 GLIMMERMAN AB-[CAN]6216-08 G (Gervantus II x M3 Desiree, Donner Bube) Owner: Patricia Fogeron, Breeder: M3 Warmbloods

Patti Fogeron and M3 Glimmerman, a 7 year old Canadian Warmblood gelding, represented Team New Brunswick at the Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships held this year in Ottawa, ON, finishing 8th and 10th individually, with an overall 4th place team placing in the Jumping division.

Photo © Katie Hess

FEATURE November 23, 2015: FPH FINDLEY NS-[CAN]7097-08G (Cabardino x FPH Jazzy Lady, Jumars) Owner: Courtney Thomas, Breeder: Julie Fulton

Congratulations to Courtney Thomas and her 7 year old Canadian Warmblood gelding FPH Findley, a.k.a. Zazou, on placing 2nd in the$1500 Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35 Stake at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, ON.

Photo © Glenda Thomas

FEATURE November 16, 2015: WALLABEE BC-[CAN]1501-98 G (Wallenstein x Freya, Furka xx) Owner: Jolene Benham, Breeder: Karen Erikson

Congratulations to Kassidy Keith of B.C. who was crowned champion of the 2015 CET Medal at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, ON. Kassidy was riding WALLABEE, a 1998 grey Canadian Warmblood gelding.

Photo © Cealy Tetley courtesy of Equine Canada

FEATURE November 9, 2015: WEST RIVER ON-[CAN]7893-08 G (Westporte x Rivala, I Am Graf Royal), Owners: Anthony Connolly & Lara Sky Levely, Breeder: Jacqueline Vandenbrink

Waylon Roberts, aboard West River, claimed the Horseware Indoor Eventing Challenge Title amid an enthusiastic crowd at the 2015 Royal Winter Agricultural Fair in Toronto, ON. This is Waylon’s 8th win in 10 years.

Photo © Tracy Hanes

FEATURE November 2, 2015: FPH FINDLEY NS[CAN]709708G (Cabardino x FPH Jazzy Lady, Jumars) Owner: Courtney Thomas, Breeder: Julie Fulton

Congratulations to Courtney Thomas and FPH Findley a.k.a. Zazou on qualifying for the 2015 Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, ON. Look for the pair in the Adult Amateur Working Hunter 1835 division, showing in the main ring on November 9th and 10th. All the best Courtney, we’ll be cheering for you.

Photo © Mark MacDonald, Horsepower Photo

FEATURE October 19, 2015: ELOQUENT QV MB-[CAN]7694-09 G (Boulder’s Bam-Bam x Ratina VDL, Nimmerdor) Owner: Jacqueline Wignall, Breeder: Dena Metcalfe

Laurie Mitchell, representing Saskatchewan at the Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships held this year in Ottawa, ON, placed 4th individually in the speed class aboard the 6 year old Canadian Warmblood mare, Eloquent QV. They are shown here preparing for the jog.

Photo © Beverly Jay Photography

FEATURE October 12, 2015:
TANGO DE L’ESSOR QC-[CAN]6237-07 A (Malik De L’Essor x Kaila De L’Essor, Car) Owner: Donna McInnis, Breeder: Louis Lessard

Madelaine Russell and Tango De L’Essor, an 8 year old Canadian Warmblood gelding, were members of the New Brunswick dressage team, finishing with a Bronze medal at the Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships, which were held this year in Ottawa, ON. Madelaine also won Bronze at last year’s CIEC event.

Photo © Katie Hess

FEATURE October 5, 2015: DAYDREAM BELIEVER AB-[CAN]7529-10 G (Ikoon x P.C Valentine xx, Devonwood xx), Owner/Breeder Stephanie Lapointe

Daydream Believer, a 5 year old Canadian Warmblood mare, made her debut in the show ring this year and is currently sitting in the top 10 of several divisions. Owner/rider and breeder Stephanie Lapointe finds it “extremely rewarding to watch her grow up into such an amazing athlete”, confirming that dreams do come true.

Photo @ David Verbisky

FEATURE September 28, 2015: ELLE CARRERA AB[CAN]784409 MM (Tempranillo x Wendy, Indorado), Owner/Breeder: Klondike Victory Farm Ltd.

Elle Carrera was the winner of the Maplebrook Farm 6 Year Old Finals held at Thunderbird Show Park. She is shown here with rider/trainer Lorrie Jamieson.

Photo © Totem Photographic

FEATURE September 21, 2015: CORBIN ON-[CAN]1714-99 G (Celebes x Ewigesherz, Eisprinz) Owner/Breeder: Sonja Van Beek and Scott McCurdy

Carolyn Poliquin and 16 year old Corbin, a.k.a. Cornucopia, reach the moment of suspension at the trot in front of a panel of international judges at the Cornerstone Dressage Show at Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park. The above photo marks their debut in the Open Prix St.George division. Corbin has been ridden by Carolyn since he was started as a 4 year old, and they have been turning heads ever since.

Photo © MWImages

FEATURE September 14, 2015:
WESTWIND STORM ON-[CAN]6518-04 A (Socrates x Westwind Mandy Moon, Many Moons xx) Owner: Hailey Lynn Campbell, Breeder: Jennifer Bradbury

Hailey Lynn Campbell and her 11-year-old mare, Westwind Storm a.k.a. Forever, made their Trillium debut this summer in the 1.0m training class at the Mane Event Horse Show in Ilderton, ON. Hailey is looking forward to being part of the Jr/Am Nations Cup Team at Angelstone this summer. We can definitely see that they are up for the challenge!

Photo © Robyn Buckler

FEATURE September 7, 2015: MJ BRITANNIA AB-[CAN]2857-02 M (Bajazzo x Carisma MJ, Cerber) Breeder: M J Farms, Owner: Lori Burrows

Long time owner Lori Burrows adores her 13 year old Canadian Warmblood mare, MJ Britannia, a.k.a. Back in Black, who she bought as a 3 year old. Lori emailed us saying, “She’s the perfect ammy horse and has done everything from hunter, jumper, and equitation to field hunting, hacking, lessons, camp, and pulling kids on a toboggan. She’s the go-to at our barn for nervous riders and leading young horses through scary stuff. Plus she’s easy on the eyes.” She is that, Lori! The pair are shown here competing in the 1.0m jumper class at a Central West Trillium show.

Photo © Mike Werner of MW Images

FEATURE August 31, 2015: HAMPTON AB-[CAN]4628-05 G (Wodan x Blueberry Muffin xx, Slew of Angels 87 xx) Owner: Kayla E Smith, Breeder: Edmund Jackson & Susan Sturgeon

This is Kayla Smith and her 10 year old gelding, Hampton, at the BRAVE show series at Highland Ridge Stables in Okotoks AB, where they were Reserve Champions in the 2'6 open jumper division and 1st in the 2'6 mini prix class. Congratulations on the ribbons, Kayla!

Photo © Erin Stauffer

FEATURE August 24, 2015: WHIRLWIND’S TRINA AB-[CAN]6663-09 G (Whirlwind II x Markeeza, Fantast) Owner: Alexzandrea Mann, Breeder: Bergquist Farm

Andrea Mann and her 6 year old mare, Whirlwind’s Trina, are frequent competitors at Rocky Mountain Show Jumping, where they compete in the 0.9m and 1.0m jumper classes. They are pictured here during a training session at Legacy Performance Training in Carstairs, AB. Looking good, Andrea!

Photo © KS Smith Photography

FEATURE August 17, 2015: Congratulations to the girls who represented the CWHBA stud book at the WBFSH International Young Breeders championships in Gloucester, UK, placing 11th overall. From left to right they are: Kiki Landsbergen (AB), Nicole Berthelot (BC), Grace Arnburg (AB), Tara Landsbergen (AB), Isis Landsbergen (AB), Heather Gardiner (ON), Laura Iversen (AB).
Photo © Cassandra Morrish
FEATURE August 10, 2015: The CWHBA Young Breeders Junior and Senior teams recently participated in the WBFSH International Young Breeders Championships, held at Hartpury College in Gloucester, England. The Junior team is shown here being judged on their horse presentation.

FEATURE August 3, 2015: TRAVOLTA AB-[CAN]1729-00 G (Ferro x Lurosa, Landwind II) Owner: Joni Lynn Peters, Breeder: John Van Den Bosch

Joni Lynn Peters and Travolta at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, Feb. 2015, competing Grand Prix, CDI Division. The pair were the highest placing Canadians in the Grand Prix Division during the California winter circuit (CDI). Well done!

Photo © Terri Miller

FEATURE July 27, 2015: ARAGON II BC-[CAN]5681-07 G (Autograph x Maesy, Musing xx) Owner: Jennifer Ulrich, Breeder: Ferne L. Johnson

Starting the season in fine form are Jenni Ulrich and her 8 year old gelding, Aragon II (a.k.a. Albee). Jenni and Albee compete in the 1.0m jumpers and jumper medal on the Eastern Ontario Trillium circuit. They are seen here at Ashland Farm in Ashton, ON. Looking good, Jenni!

Photo © Danya Yaremchuk

FEATURE July 21, 2015: DONERAMIRO AB-[CAN]4122-04 G (Donner Bube x Ramiro’s Golden Touch, Ramiro) Owner: Terri Robertson, Breeder: Amanda Nelson-Norman

Terri is finally the proud owner of a Canadian Warmblood. She has been a fan since working at Touchstone Farm in Mayerthorpe, AB. Doneramiro is 11 years old and did not have a show record when Terri got him. Since then Terri has been bringing home the ribbons, achieving 5 reds, 2 blue, 3 High Point Champions, 1 Reserve High Point, one Provincial Champion and one Reserve Provincial Champion, all from the Dressage Daze Series! In addition, they have achieved their bronze with Equine Canada Dressage. Keep up the good work, Terri, we’re watching you!

Photo © Darryl Upper

FEATURE July 13, 2015: ZEST DE POMME ON-[CAN]3798-04 P1 (VDL Navarone x Always Out xx, Cognizant xx) Owner/Breeder: Timothy Millard

Game on! Rider Vivian Millard and her 11 year old mare, Zest de Pomme a.k.a. Zoë, were on top of their game at Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park for the opening series of the summer. The pair finished double clear in the 1.15m jumper class. A great start to the season!

Photo © Laurel Jarvis

FEATURE July 6, 2015: GOLDEN AFFIRMATION ON-[CAN]4884-05 MM (Oxford x Golden Sunrise, Elito) Breeder: Elegant Expressions Farm, Owner: Allison Harding

Rider Shannon Ford-Peel and 10 year old Golden Affirmation were in fine form in the Adult Amateur Hunter division at the Mane Event Trillium Show in Ilderton, ON (above). They continued to impress at Angelstone Tournaments in Rockwood, ON, where they become Reserve Champions in the Adult Amateur Working Hunter 18-35" division this past weekend. It’s looking like a ribbon-filled summer for these two!

Photo © Robyn Buckler

FEATURE June 30, 2015: SEPHORA II AB[CAN]400504G (Sunny Boy x Zavani, Redford) Owner: Kevin Trimbee, Breeder: Bernie & Doreen Kulcsar

Gillian Trimbee and 11 year old Sephora II, purchased as a 3 year old, are shown here at the Caledonia Classic, held at Amberlea Meadows Equestrian Centre in Alberta, where the pair took home several 1st place ribbons. Super venue, super horse, super day!

Photo © Madison Ricard

FEATURE June 22, 2015: REQUEST TM AB-[CAN]4891-06 G (Regardez x Icon, Cheops Z) Owner: Creekside Farm, Breeder: Jennifer B. Stephenson

Request TM and rider Katherine Hill beginning the season at Rocky Mountain Show Jumping, shown here in the 3'0 Jr/Am Hunter Derby in the Bow Valley Classic II. Request TM was bred by Jennifer Stephenson of Breton, AB.

Photo © Megan Hutchison

FEATURE June 15, 2015: WKM WALTZTIME MB-[CAN]7987-09 G (Cat Weasel Z x WKM Royal, Nickelson B) Owner/Breeder: WKM Stables Ltd.

This is how it’s done. Rider Scott McKay and his 6 year old gelding WKM Waltztime set the standard for precision in the 1.10m jumpers at Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park. Best wishes for a successful season, Scott!

Photo © Ben Radvanyi

FEATURE June 8, 2015: DONNDIEGO AB[CAN]403704G (Donner Bube x Airaminta, Zodiak) Owner: Madison Ridard, Breeder: Cynthia Adams

Madison Ricard flying high aboard her 11 year old gelding, DonnDiego. Madison and Diego finished 1st and 2nd in the 1.20m classes at the Caledonia Classic, hosted at Amberlea Meadows Equestrian Centre in Alberta.

Photo ©: Tracey Ricard

FEATURE June 1, 2015: FPH FINDLEY NS-[CAN]7097-08 G (Cabardino x FPH Jazzy Lady, Jumars)

Big congratulations to Courtney Thomas and FPH Findlay, a.k.a. Zazou, for having a super show at Heidi MacInnes' National Spring Show. Findlay was Champion Pre Green, Champion Adults, 1st in the Hunter Stake, and 5th in the Hunter Derby! Findley was bred by Julie A. Fulton of Fulton Performance Horses in Nova Scotia, and is trained by Heidi McInnis.

Photo ©: Jensen Shoebridge

FEATURE May 25, 2015: RAMIRA'S REIGN -[CAN]2097-01 P1 (Eastern Ruler x Little Mary xx, Gala Double xx)

Ramira’s Reign (Easter Ruler x Little Mary xx, Gala Double xx, B: Elaine Banfield), Manitoba's 2014 Hi-Point Jumper, was back this year in the jumper ring with owner/rider Rob Kerr, where the pair made an indelible mark in the 1.20m and 1.30m rings at the 2015 Manitoba Royal Winter Fair. Rob and Reign also just successfully competed out at the Bow Valley Classic at RMSJ! Keep your eye on these two stars on the rise!

Photo ©: Miranda Truijen

FEATURE May 18, 2015: BOSTYN AB-[CAN]7724-10 P1 (Beau Soleil x Anjoo)

Kicking off the show season is Bostyn, a 2010 mare (Beau Soleil x Anjoo, Arkansas, B:Touchstone Farm Ltd., O: Shannon Manor). Bostyn was Champion in the Pre-Green Division and in the 3'0" Children's Hunters at the Kelowna Spring Classic, April 22nd-26th, shown here with coach Katinka Devrainne. What a great start to the season! Congratulations Shannon and Katinka.

Photo ©: Owner

FEATURE May 11, 2015 - Canada's Select Warmblood and Sport Horse Sale

Strawberry Punch GF (Sevriano’s Pleasure GF x Mirage, Walker), is a 5 year old mare consigned to Canada’s Select Warmblood and Horse Sport Sale, being held July 17-19 2015 in Orangeville, ON during the Pan Am Games. Don’t miss being part of this event!

For information on how to consign your horse, go to

FEATURE April 27, 2015 - Canada's Select Warmblood and Sport Horse Sale

Emmarilla (VDL Windsor H x Jimarilla, Voltaire), is a 6 year old mare consigned to Canada’s Select Warmblood and Sport Horse Sale, being held July 17-19 2015 in Orangeville, ON during the Pan Am Games. Don’t miss being part of this event!

For information on how to consign your horse, go to

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