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Jumping Chute for Stallion Licensing
& Riding Horse Tests

Setting the Chute for inspection:

PDF of this article - revised April 1, 2008

The facility required should be at least 25 meters wide (80 feet) and at least 40 meters long (120 feet) It needs to be set so that there is a chute track going to the left, on one side of the arena with an interior track delineated by standards and rails or ribbon to allow the horses to go around the arena without going thru the chute to show their loose gaits.

Corners should offer the stallions at least 20 meters to go thru because the commission does want to see the young stallions canter around the corners, but not be challenged excessively as to their balance. Small adjustments can be made for each horse; distances and fence heights must be reset for the next horse.

Chute is to be set: (diagram below)

  • Wall to ground rail:  7 - 10m (approx. 23’ - 33’)
  • ground rail to first cross-rail (X): 3 m (approx. 9’9”)
  • to 2nd fence - Vertical: 6.8 m (approx. 22'4")
  • to 3rd fence - Vertical or Oxer: 7.1 m (approx. 23'4")
  • Oxer - pictured at right, two examples of structure of chute

**Please make sure there are enough poles and cups to properly fill the vertical and the oxer, boxes are not encouraged, however a low brush box (under 2') as a ground line is OK.

• The inspection site is expected to provide at least 4 knowledgeable people to assist in the chute.  It is important that these young stallions be allowed to set a QUIET pace into the chute, so elasticity and technique can be evaluated.

• Chute crew or owner should be prepared to lead stallion into chute if they are going too fast.

• Whips in the chute should be used minimally. At no time should a horse be hit over it's back while in the chute, however some may need prompting from behind when the jump gets larger.

There may be times when the judges request that the distances be lengthened or shortened; the crew is expected to do this, however it is imperative that the distances be set back to the original distance before the next stallion comes into the ring.

• It is typical that the stallions will all be led down the chute the first time with it set on the ground to familiarize them with the chute.

• It is best that the stallions cannot see other horses as they are performing.

The following is the minimum heights that stallions have to jump to show jumping ability, however, to get high marks they should be trained to go higher.

  • 2 year olds - minimum 1.0 m (3'3")
  • 3 year olds - minimum 1.10 m (3’6")
  • 4 year olds and older - minimum 1.20 m (3’9")
  • **Declared dressage specialists - minimum 1.0 m (3'3")

May also be used for Riding Horse Test Jumping Chute.

Updated: April 1, 2008