Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association - British Columbia Chapter

2006 Presidents Report

2006 BC Chapter CWHBA - A.G.M. held February 3, 2007 

2006 was a relatively quiet year for BC Chapter with the national focus of activity turned towards the ongoing discussions regarding the Amalgamation proposal between CWHBA and CSHA. I would like to welcome a new resident to our province, Colleen Embree- Jay our National Vice Chair of CWHBA, who has relocated to the Comox area on Vancouver Island. Colleen and I were involved in the early discussions on the amalgamation process. Those discussions have now reached an advisory committee state and I will invite Colleen and our guest, Chris Gould, to bring the members at the AGM up to date on the current situation.

The early part of the year saw a full slate of BC Directors and Delegates attend the National 
AGM in Quebec City. Attending were Julie Pilon and Trish Carlson as Directors; Marilyn Powell, Sara Alberni and Michael Rabe as Delegates. This was a very productive meeting and gave a lot of opportunity for discussion about the various programs within the association. Our hosts were wonderful and made certain that visitors were suitably impressed with La Belle Province!

Nationally we now have a wonderful new dynamic database web site, designed and hosted by a local Langley firm, Alter-Net Internet. Hopefully everyone has had the opportunity to test the new site that is still a work in progress. The BC pages are up as are the main pages concerned with registrations, forms, etc. The archived sections will be added as time allows and a sign-in members area will allow many member services to go ahead.

Mare inspections were down in the province this year with only the national and interior being held. We welcomed Sara Alberni into the position of inspections coordinator following the retirement of Carol Hobbins, who left some very big shoes to fill. Sara dealt very well with the challenge and together with other executive members of the chapter managed a well attended national tour and coordinated the other sites. Unfortunately, Sara will not be able to continue in this position due to her ongoing education commitments. Hopefully we can entice her back once those study years are finished.

During 2006 we unfortunately accepted the resignation of one of our National Directors, Patricia Carlson. On one hand we have lost a valuable worker, on the other we have gained a prospective new member when Trish’s new baby is old enough to explore the world of horses. Congratulations Trish. As both a past national director and the BC President, I was asked to step in as the National Director for the remainder of the year so that BC still had two directors. The second year of that position must be elected at this meeting.

Also new to the scene, was the inaugural Canadian Performance Futurity which saw all three divisions offered at the Thunderbird International Horse Show over the Thanksgiving weekend. There was good entry in the dressage and hunter divisions. Unfortunately no jumper entries. Congratulations to those 4 year old CWHBA horses who participated and acquitted themselves very well. We realize that the dates were difficult for some members being in conflict with the Fall Classic Sale in Alberta. Discussions are already under way to ensure the dates do not conflict for 2007.

This will be the last President's report that I will write. Personally, my commitments with family and business are requiring much more of my day to day time. I will however continue as an inspector and assist as a regional director for the province and as Past President will be available to assist as needed.

In closing, I would like to sincerely thank the current Provincial Board for their many years of commitment to the B.C Chapter and their invaluable assistance to their region and myself over the the last 7 years. None of the progress that BC Chapter has made during those years would have been possible without that support.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Powell
President BC Chapter CWHBA