Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association - British Columbia Chapter

2008 AGM Draft Minutes:


Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association
BC Chapter, 2008 Annual General Meeting
January 31, 2009
Surrey, BC
Draft Minutes

In Attendance: Colleen Embree-Jay, Joan Moore, Jane McLeod, Marilyn Powell, Michael Rabe,  Natalie Merrill, Cathy Cross, Uelli Boss.
Apologies: Leny Boersman, Trisha House, Chelsea Norris, Reka Shippers, Sam Shacke, Lindsay Lee.

Adoption of Agenda  M/S/C – “To adopt minutes” (Michael/
Minutes of 2007 AGM – spelling in 5f compete not complete  M/S/C - “ To adopt the minutes” (Joan/Jane)
Business arriving from Minutes
a) #8 iv – was taken to AGM but never past the Board Meeting. It is being addressed. UELN implementation will solve this problem
Action item: We will take it to the AGM in Feb 2009.
b) Re 5c – SSA Formula proposal by BC was accepted by 2007 National AGM, to give each Chapter $1000.00 before applying the formula for disbursement of funds.
 M/S/C – “To adopt minutes as amended” (Marilyn/Jane)
Board Reports as submitted – President, Treasurer, Secretary, N.Van Is, N & S. Vanc Is 2007 - see attached
2007 National AGM – Jane – it was her first National AGM and she was happy with it and
 impressed with all the presentations. But had hoped time could have been spent on Marketing
 M/S/C - Motion to take to the 2008 National AGM: “That the National work with the
 Chapters when building the National AGM Agenda” (Jane/
There was a reminder that BC proposed hosting the National AGM in 2011 and it was accepted

Inspections – Marilyn -18 mares were inspected in the interior and on Van Is. Marilyn was  involved heavily with AAFC issues.  M/S/C – “To accept Reports” (Jane/Joan)
National Stallion Licensing & SPT
2008 SSA –Marilyn - numbers are pretty much the same as last year, around 50 stallions with good membership support.
National Young Breeders Competition – Jane for Chelsea – Chelsea has a FaceBook page and has been communicating with Young Breeders as far as Ireland, where the next competition will be held. Since Poland was cancelled and QC fell through, the National program is lacking in communication.
Motion to take to National AGM: “ To revitalize the program and set up a National Contact person”

Awards: BC has no Awards program. Discussed setting up a Volunteer of the Year Award and
 set out the criteria on the website. Check BC Horse Council site.
 Action Item: Later in meeting it was recommended to send a plant and a card to Carole
 Hobbins and recognize her as Volunteer of the Year.
 Action item: It was also requested to send a letter of thanks to Patricia House for all her service.

CPF – Marilyn – Went well but 2 recommendations were:
a. National involvement in Pacific Zone event needs to be addressed
b. Dressage will have to be held at a separate venue for better coverage

Mane Event: was a great success, the presentations were first class but the booth needs help!
Jane agreed to stay on to organize our presence.
Action item: Jane to source material & construction of booth. Contact Doreen Kulscar in AB. Chapter discussed putting a minimum of $1000.00 towards this. Jane to circulate cost to BOD.

a. President – Michael Rabe by acclamation
b. Treasurer – Joan Moore by acclamation
c. Secretary – Colleen until we find someone
  Duties involve: AGM minutes/ distribute BD/ ENews/ Club surveys to magazines
d. Provincial Directors
 N. Van Is – ask Julie Malet/
 S. Van Is – Lindsay Lee
 Lower Mainland & S. Fraser Valley – Marilyn until find someone else/ ?
 N. Fraser Valley - ?
 Okanagan – Michael Rabe
 Kamloops – Shawn Bruins-Slot
 North – Reka Schippers
 Inspections Co-ordinator – Marilyn Powell
 National Director 2009 & 2010 – Joan Moore
 National Delegates – Leny Boersma/ Natalie Merrill/ Chelsea Norris
Young Breeders Group – Chelsea Norris (Colleen/Joan)
APA vote – Marilyn presented the Power point short version of what was used in the AAFC discussions. Ballots were filled out and given to Marilyn for mailing. Everyone present is urged to speak to their local members & get them to vote.
A handout was given but the topic was not discussed
All items were covered earlier in the meeting
18 a. 2009 SSA to be held on March 1 – saved money by not making a stallion video & putting  everything on &
Motion: Minutes from AGM are to be published on website within 40 days after meeting,
19. Next meeting to be held in Kamloops/Kelown in January 2010
20. Motion to adjourn (Colleen/Michael)