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The Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association (CWHBA) was Incorporated, under the Canadian Live Stock Pedigree Act, in 1991. The association is a corporate union of breeders for the purpose of furthering warmblood horse breeding in Canada. The purpose of the association is:

  • to unite the breeders, owners and friends of Warmblood horses in Canada;
  • to maintain of the Stud Book of Canadian Warmblood horses including approved stallions, mares and foals;
  • to maintain a uniform breeding program of warmblood horses in Canada;
  • to promote breed shows and representation in exhibitions;
  • to provide information to breeders, owners and friends and generally encourage public understanding of the Canadian Warmblood horse.
  • Bred throughout Europe for over 200 hundred years, the Warmblood horse's pedigree has been recorded regionally since the times of Monarchies and Dukedoms. Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Belgium, to name a few, all have Warmblood breeding programs. Today's Warmblood has evolved from the farm/military horse of the 19th century.

    Dominant in the Olympic Equestrian Disciplines, Warmblood horses combine the athleticism of the Thoroughbred with the movement, substance, power, and trainability of the early military horse.

    The breeding aim of the Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association is a medium sized, well bred Warmblood horse that is naturally talented to excel in Olympic and related equestrian sports - Dressage, Jumping, Driving, Eventing, Hunter. A horse which:

  • through correct conformation will have soundness and longevity in sport
  • has an even temperament and good character, making it a willing partner for amateur and professional alike
  • may have exceptional ability in one discipline or exhibit good performance in both jumping and gaits
  • reproduces predictably and has wide market appeal
  • Members of the European Economic Community have reached an agreement which gives reciprocal recognition of pedigree from country to country and yet retains the autonomous control of the registration by each countries' breeder society. It follows that Canada can and should do the same.

    The CWHBA is modeled after the very successful European Societies. It's goal is to provide the same service and advantages to breeders that our European counterparts enjoy abroad:

  • Certificates of Pedigree for your valuable Warmblood
  • Performance selection and grading
  • International standards of Mare and Stallion grading
  • Performance records to aid in selection and breeding decisions
  • Mare and Foal shows
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Organizational assistance in sales & promotion

    The association is composed of autonomous provincial societies that elect national directors to run the national body. Each provincial association has equal representation on the national board. Local promotions, mare and/or foal shows and sales are provincial responsibilities. Stallion approval and Stud Book management are national matters.


    Owners of breeding stock, mares and stallions are eligible for membership and must be a Regular member in order to register foals, and/or file stallion reports. Interested warmblood horse supporters may apply for Associate status and will receive the same publications as Regular members.

    Check our Fee Schedule for current fees.

    History of the CWHBA Logo/Brand

    By: Chris Gould

    That the CWHBA needed and would have a brand was understood from the beginning. There are references to the brand/ logo in discussions as the By-Laws were being developed in 1989 and 1990.

    In 1990 the process of choosing a logo was commenced as delegates and board members were solicited for ideas. In 1991 a number of ideas came forward which included horses, maple leaves and the Fleur de Lys. It was important to keep the design simple and distinctive so that it could be readily adapted as a brand. Jean Sweeny from Quebec was asked to further develop the ideas.

    At the April 25,1992 AGM in Vancouver three designs where presented which had been developed from the previous year. The choice was made for logo number three, a logo which incorporated the horses head in the letter C. This idea had originally come from a rough drawing submitted in 1991 by Lee Kruger, an Alberta delegate.

    The then Secretary / Treasurer, Peter Karneef, took the logo and had it worked on by a commercial artist to produce the version which we use today. It has stood the test of time.;

    Twenty+ years later we continue to receive complements on our brand and logo. We can be proud that it is recognized world wide. At the same time we must continue to strive to produce horses of the highest quality which will make our brand synonymous with performance, disposition and beauty.