Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association - Saskatchewan Chapter

Mare Inspections

2017 Mare Inspections

Sept 15-17, 2017  - Mare Inspection in conjunction with the SWHBA Fall Showcase held at Pelmac Stables, Saskatoon, SK


Sept 18, 2017 - Mare Inspection held at Karrasel Sport Horses, Spy Hill, SK

Please contact Joy McKinnon for more info




2016 Mare Inspections

Sept. 9-11, 2016 Mare Inspection will be held at Ace Ranch in Qu'Appelle at our Annual Fall Showcase. Please see the Events page for more information


For more information or if you'd like to apply for a farm or site inspection please contact:

 Charmaine Bergman 306.764.7148,




2010 Premium Mares -Saskatchewan

Meadow Lake-August 15, 2010

Petrushka-7.5  B/O: Carole Poche, Paradise Valley, Alberta.  Feuertanzer /  Passion Moon xx /

HVW Splash's Bonnie-7.16  B/O:George Million, Meadow Lake,SK. Pik Kaiser/ Yasmeenas Splash /Ebonie Ace SK [CAN]4025-04 P1

Lady's Miss Congenialty-7  B/O: George Million, Meadow Lake, SK  Pik Kaiser /Kaija's Pretty Lady /Ebonie Ace  SK[CAN] 4673-05 P1

HVW Hooker's Petra- 7  B/O: George Million, Meadow Lake, SK. Pik Kaiser / Crystal's Hooker / Ebonie Ace  SK[CAN]5500-06 P1


Spy Hill, September 19, 2010

Kora May ox 1990- 7.5 B: Margaret E. Allen O: Joy McKinnon, Spy Hill, SK.  Elledan ox/ Korianne ox / Korkir ox  Appr. # pending.

Juno K aa  2005-   7.5. B/O: Joy McKinnon, Spy Hill, SK    Gold Hat tb /Kora May ox / Elledan ox  Appx # pending.


There were a total of 33 mares inspected in Saskatchewan in 2010.