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Performance: 100 Day Test - Neustadt-Dosse
CWHBA #: OT-[CAN]APPR4549-00 S
Date of Birth: 2000
Colour: Dark Brown
Height: 16.0 Hands
WFFS Status: Tested Clear (N/N)
Owner: Eurequine LLC
Standing: Eurequine LLC, Yuba City, California
Contact: Edgar Schutte
Address: PO Box 3271, Yuba City, CA 95992
Telephone: 916-203-2247 530-218-3781
Web Site:


Don Roncalli, dark bay, a tad over 16hh, Hanoverian by Donnerhall out of Rafale xx, a full sibling to approved stallion Roncalli xx, by Primes xx.
Don Roncalli is super rideable and has a great temperament, very pleasant in that he has enough sensitivity to be respectful.
His riding career started as an eventer, trained to participate in the Bundeschampionat. As a 6 yr old in training for eventing he showed, won and placed at 1.10m classes. After that his career focused solely on Dressage where he was trained to Grand Prix. He did not breed most of his years during this time. Of his inspected daughters, three were classified at the Hanoverian Mare show, premium mare quality. States Premium mare, Devita, placed 2nd at the Herwart von der Decken Show. Don Roncalli's 3 full siblings were all high scoring States Premium Mares.
Don Roncalli's breeding values are higher than those of most Donnerhall sons:
Type/riding horse points: 129; Foundation: 115; Dressage: 127 

Don Roncalli's sire, Donnerhall, was a dressage stallion who was known not only for having a successful career as a sport horse, but also passing on his abilities to his offspring to become an influential sire. Donnerhall’s dam, Ninette, from the Nagate mareline was sired by, Markus, a half-Thoroughbred. Markus' sire, Manolete xx is also found in the great eventing horse Volturno, winner of two Olympic silver medals and a silver medal at the 1978 World Championships in Lexington. According to his rider, Donnerhall was very easy to train, reaching the Grand Prix level in two years.

He was especially known for his expressive passage, piaffe, and extended trot. Donnerhall had a stellar career as a dressage horse, winning some of the most prestigious competitions, including over 65 FEI Grand Prix Dressage classes. Donnerhall earned his third team gold finishing 4th individually at the 1998 Dressage World Championship. Donnerhall was also named Oldenburg Stallion of the Year in 1998 and had the highest dressage breeding value of all stallions at 271, producing over 77 approved sons, 450 broodmares (84 State Premium), and over 636 competition horses. Donnerhall passed on his flowing gait, presence, trainability, and excellent temperament.

Don Roncalli's Dam 'Rafale xx' is the full sister to the Hanoverian approved stallion Roncalli xx.  Rafale xx produced typey winners as did Roncalli xx who has many great performing Hanoverian get. Rafale xx produced three full siblings to Don Roncalli, all are states premium mares. In November 2017 Argento Vivo finished 2nd out of 28 stallions in the German 50 day test with a score of 9.01 points.  Argento Vivo is from Don Roncalli's damline.  Rafale xx (Roncalli xx's full sister) is a phenomenal and versatile quality producing mareline.
Roncalli xx
The Thoroughbred, Roncalli xx, excellent in gait, has achieved very high ranking and is listed as one of the most successful representatives of his breed in the FN breeding value rating. His riding points were 147 and he is known to pass on good size and the best character. Roncalli's sister may just be the reason you can now breed D-line and produce quality as well as a leggy blood type out of your mare. 



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Rafale xx


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Breeding Fee: $1250 US

Booking Fee: $400 US (Booking Fee Included)

Available by: On Farm A.I., Transported Cooled Semen, Frozen Semen

LFG: Yes

Limitations: 3 yr return, 30 day LFG; 50% off our posted breeding fees on breedings to any mares sired by the stallions Baron Van Gogh aka Van Gogh B, Corcovado, Escudo II, Fuerst Gotthard, Grandom, Kalypso, Landfriese II, Landkönig, Pablito, Pablo, Rubignon and Wild Dance

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