2021 National AGM

March 27, 2022

Third Time Lucky

For the third time the CWHBA Annual General Meeting was held online due to covid 19. With restrictions gradually being lifted plans are being made to meet face to face in 2023. The Board will consider recommendations from the Membership chair, Dianne Million in three months.

 Regardless of the future, this year’s AGM was well attended, by delegates, members and guests from every chapter. New this year was a video synopsis of the 2021 stallion licensing as well as short slide presentations on the 2021 Annual Awards and the Equis studbook management system that is being implemented by the association. Also new was a presentation by the newly appointed auditing firm of St Arnaud Pinsent Stemen Chartered Professional Accountants.

 Chair Janice Tyndall, who was re-elected to a two year term, kept the meeting on track while allowing sufficient time for each of the many reports to be discussed. She was very pleased to report that the three main priorities from the previous years, the new website, new studbook management system and re opening of our office are all up and running. In all, the 2021 AGM went off very smoothly. There was a strong sense of accomplishment and excitement about the future.

 To read the reports click on the links in the agenda below. Members wishing to see the auditors report may request a copy from the office once it receives final approval from the Board.

10:30 AM Welcome – log in to zoom pre-meeting video presentation

Equis Database  – 2021 Stallion Licensing – Awards

Sunday – March 27, 2022, 10:30 A.M. MDT

Click on report name to see file. 

11:00 AM –  Call to Order

  1. Introduction of Directors & Delegates & Members
  2. Agenda Approval
  3. Approval of Minutes from 2020 AGM
  4. Chairman’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Susan Jenkins
    1. Audit report Jeannette Adams, CPA, CA St Arnaud Pinsent Steman. Chartered Professional Accountants.
    2. Presentation of 2022 budget
    3. Affirm rebates to Provincial Chapters
    4. Appoint 2022 Year End Financial Review Officer
  6. Management Committee
    1. Membership – Dianne Million – Chair
    2. Awards – Marilyn Powell – Chair
    3. Communications– Chris Gould – Chair
      1. E-news
      2. Web site
      3. Social Media
      4. Office Administration – Jennette Coote
        1. Office Report – Victoria Kendall
  7. Board
    1. Equine Canada – Industry Division & Category C & Health & Welfare – Janice Tyndall
    2. WBFSH – Chris Gould
    3. National Stallion Service Auction – Andre Sigmond, SSA Manager
    4. Equis studbook management software
  8. Stud Book Committee
    1. Stud Book Director’s Report – Jennette Coote / Janine Olson
    2. 2021 Inspections, National Tour & SPT – Jennette Coote
  9. Provincial Reports
    1. British Columbia
    2. Alberta
    3. Saskatchewan
    4. Manitoba
    5. Ontario
    6. Quebec
    7. Maritimes
  10. Motions
    1. to Ratify actions of the Board in 2021
  11. By-Law Amendments – None this year
  12. Elections
    1. Chair – two year term (incumbent Janice Tyndall) Re-Elected 
    2. Stud Book Committee Member – 2 year term (incumbent Jennette Coote) Re-elected
    3. Honorary Member(s) – none
  13. Motion to set a Date and Location for the 2022 AGM in 2023
  14. Motion to Adjourn