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Members are those persons or legal bodies who apply for membership, are accepted and who pay the appropriate fees. The categories of membership are:

  1. Regular / Annual Members: Persons and legal bodies who are owners of breeding stock (stallions and/or mares) which are entered in the Stud Book of the Association. Voting Member.
  2. Associate Members: Friends or promoters of the breed who support the efforts of the Association without being owners of registered breeding stock. Associate members receive regular correspondence from the CWHBA in the form of the yearly Handbook/Annual and the Newsletter; as well as use of all web services available to a full membership. Their Canadian Warmblood registered horses are eligible for all performance programs including the Awards Programs. Associate Members may only vote at a provincial level.
  3. Honorary Members: Honorary members are nominated and appointed at the Annual General Meeting. Persons who have earned special merit by supporting the association can be honorary members or honorary chairmen. They are freed of all membership fees as long as they are not in possession of registered horses.
  4. Life Members: Persons and legal bodies who qualify for regular or associate membership and have paid in one year the equivalent of ten regular membership fees. Voting Member.


Membership fees and all other fees shall be determined by the Board.

All fees shall be paid to the Accountant, CLRC and may be sent by money order or cheque payable at par in Ottawa, Ontario, and deposited to the credit of the Association.

BENEFITS of CWHBA membership:
  • National Membership with Equine Canada and the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses
  • A National Registrar (CLRC)
  • A National Website with extensive information on all aspects of the Association
  • Stallion Inspections
  • Stallion Performance Testing
  • Provincial Mare Inspections
  • Provincial Foal Futurities
  • Provincial Breed Shows
  • Newsletters
  • Education Days
  • Inspector Training Seminars and Mentorship Programs
  • Co-Operative Breed Advertising, Marketing assistance
  • A National Stallion Service Auction
  • Fall Classic Sale in Alberta, and other provincial marketing avenues

Communication and Member Services

  • The CWHBA E-News offers coverage on national events, information on upcoming events such as Mare Inspections, and the National Tour.
  • The Annual Stallion Directory publishes the results of the Stallion Performance Test, Foal Futurities, newly licensed stallions, and bits of news from each of the CWHBA Provincial Chapters. Each issue features a successful Canadian Warmblood and lists the National Directors and Officials for your reference.
  • CWHBA Website – This site provides a venue whereby members and potential members can access information on all aspects of the Association on a National and Provincial level.
  • National Stallion Service Auction, offers the membership an opportunity to bid and purchase stallion services starting at half the stallions’ advertised stud fees. This is an online auction run in real time.
  • National Registrar – Canadian Livestock Records Corporation provies – 
    a. Current Data base  
    b. Down-loadable application forms and current Fee Schedule 
    c. Dedicated Office Staff for the Warmblood Association
  • Online Applications & Forms are available on this site, Click Here
  • Volume Discounts for large breeders 
  • Credit Plan for large volume Registrations and Mare Entries

Selection Tools

  • Mare Inspections and Foal Evaluations on a provincial leve
  • Progeny Evaluations (in conjunction with mare inspections)
  • Annual Stallion Licensing – Each year more young prospects come forward for evaluation.
  • Stallion Performance Test – CWHBA hosts the Stallion Performance Testalternating east and west coast. It provides the membership another excellent opportunity to performance test their stallions.
  • International caliber Judges for our National Tour Stallion Licensing and Stallion Performance Test. The Association has had the honor of including on their judging panels internationally recognized horsemen such as: 
    – Mr. Manfred Lopp, for 30 years the manager of the Hanoverian State Stud Stallion Test
    – Dr. Gerd Lehmann, former manager of the Westfalen State Stud, and more recently
    – Dr. Ingvar Fredricson, retired manager of the Swedish National State Stud at Flyinge
    – Jan-Olaf Wannius, the Chef d’equipe of the Swedish Show Jumping Team
    – Hendrik Gaebel, German riding master and trainer
    – Hakan Wahlmann, President of the Finnish Equestrian Association
    – Fritz von Blottnitz , Senior judge with Hanoverian Stallion Inspections, Germany
    – Johan Hamminga, Senior Test Trainer and Inspector for the Netherlands and Ermilo.
  • Our name guest riders at our Stallion Performance Tests have included:
    – Past Olympian and Canadian Three Day Event Coach, Peter Gray
    – Three Day Olympian Jim Henry
    – Advanced Three Day competitor, Anne Zander
    – Accomplished dressage trainers/competitors: Daisy Palmer, Jamie Irwin, Scott Ottowell, Christine Howes, Liz Hopps
    – Grand Prix and top jumper competitors, Chris Pratt, Lisa Carlson, Dayton Gorsline, Rodney Tulloch
    – German riding master, Albert Kley of Spruce Meadows, as well as
    – Short listed team rider and former Young Rider Gold medallist, Erynn Ballard.


  • Performance Awards in Dressage, Jumpers, Hunters, Eventing and Combined Driving. Plaque and recognition in our Member’s Handbook and published Newsletters.
  • Life Time Achievement Awards which recognize horses that have had lengthy and successful careers. Plaque and recognition in our Member’s Handbook and published Newsletters.
  • Provincial Foal Futurities – an opportunity for members to receive recognition for their superior foals
  • Provincial Breeders Shows – offer material classes


  • Inspector Training Sessions and Inspector Clinics Incorporating new European system of judging Free-Jumping from the 2005 International Judges Clinic, Netherlands. Initiated in 2000, these sessions are held to continually improve, refine and standardize the process
  • Introduction of Linear Profiling to benefit eductaion of owners on the traits and qualities of their breeding stock
  • Educational Sessions on varied topics offered in conjunction with the AGM
  • Stallion Licensing & Performance Test Clinic and Marketing Clinic

  • Equine Canada. As part of the national equine body, each CWHBA member is automatically a member of Equine Canada, with voting rights and access to all its programs and benefits.
  • World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses. The CWHBA is well represented at the international level through our active participation in the WBFSH
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