By Carthago Sun III - Ciris x Charmeur AB-[CAN]7046-08 G
By Carthago Sun III - Ciris x Charmeur 
AB-[CAN]7046-08 G
Elle Carrera AB-[CAN]7844-09 MM Lorrie Jamieson
Elle Carrera AB-[CAN]7844-09 MM Lorrie Jamieson
Bliss premium mare (Beach Boy - Alleluah x Arkansas) photo credit Chris Gould
Bliss premium mare (Beach Boy - Alleluah x Arkansas) photo credit Chris Gould
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 “The CWHBA welcomes you to Canada’s home of the Warmblood Horse”

“Where quality is in our nature”


All paperwork and applications must be sent to our new office 404 Avenue D South

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. S7M 1R4, CANADA 

Phone : 306-373-6620
(Central Standard time)

Our Help Desk continues to operate as usual email –

Latest news

Record Breaking Fall Classic Sale

Record Breaking Fall Classic Sale

Gavin Pearson This year marked the 27th consecutive Fall Classic Sale presented by CWHBA-Alberta Chapter and hosted in partnership with ClipMyHorse. The concept of this sale when it was started was for breeders to come together to help each other market and sell...

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Whats new


Annual General Meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 20th To be hosted by the Quebec Chapter. Watch for details as covid protocols evolve.

Stallion Breeding Reports

Stallion Owners Stallion Breeding Reports are due Nov 30, 2021. Click here to download your fillable PDF form.


CWHBA auction working its online charm once again

By Chris Gould / CWHBA Photography: Courtesy Cathy Chalack For the second year in a row the CWHBA Fall Classic Breeder's Sale will be held online. Due in part to the success of the previous sale and a strong result at the Spring Riding Horse Sale, which was also held...

Canadian Warmblood Breeder Beda Wachter

An Interview with Canadian Warmblood Breeder Beda Wachter of Wachter Horses by Cathy Chalack, President of Alberta Chapter CWHBA  Congratulations go to Wachter Farms on many successes with their home raised Canadian Warmbloods! In 2021, WH Coconut carried...

CWHBA reaches 10,000 registrations milestone

By Chris Gould Photography: Private Collection and Peter Llewellyn The Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association recently celebrated its 10,000th horse registered, and lucky breeders Heather and Marshall, of Ingersoll, ON, will receive a commemorative plaque to...

CWHBA Alberta awards ‘Elite Ambassador’ status

By Coreen Jamieson Photography: courtesy CWHBA, Peter Llewellyn CWHBA Alberta has chosen to award ‘Elite Ambassador’ status to outstanding CWB registered horses and their breeders, owners, developers, and riders that are competing at an Elite level in their chosen...

Coming of age for online auctions in Canada

By Chris Gould / CWHBA The move to online auctions, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has significantly changed the horse market worldwide, perhaps especially for those countries outside Europe to which travel is more costly and time consuming. The Alberta Chapter...


Ontario Chapter

Ontario, Canada’s second largest province, has a diverse landscape. Ranging from rich agricultural land in the south, grasslands in the north and separated by the vast, rocky and mineral rich Canadian Shield. Ontario has more than 250,000 lakes and a diverse climate...

Maritimes Chapter

The Canadian Maritimes is a coastal region of Eastern Canada comprising three provinces: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. The word ‘maritime’ means ‘of the sea’ and this association brings a strong tourism industry to the area. This is the second...

British Columbia Chapter

Most people are familiar with the slogan ‘Beautiful British Columbia’ as a tourist mecca, but few people are aware of its vibrant Warmblood breeding industry. With a vast Pacific Ocean coastline plus Vancouver Island, a large portion of British Columbia (BC) enjoys a...

Alberta Chapter

Alberta is the westernmost province of the prairie heartland, bordered by the Rocky Mountains to the west. It’s also the largest horse producer regardless of breed, but in the case of Warmbloods, around 40% of annual registrations originate with Alberta breeders....

Saskatchewan Chapter

Saskatchewan is considered one of the three prairie provinces in Canada. Grassland covers the southern plains subsequently,over the years there have been many jokes about Saskatchewan being flat,”you can see your dog run away for three days”. As you move north you...

Quebec Chapter

Famous for its maple syrup, Quebec Winter Carnival, a hockey team (the Montreal Canadiens) and an ode to winter in the North; Quebec is also an active equestrian region. Hosting the Montreal 1976 Olympic Games left a legacy of equestrian facilities. The Olympic...

Manitoba Chapter

Deserved or not, Manitoba has a reputation for severe winters. Certainly its central location in the North American continent means that winters are long, but probably no more difficult than other parts of the Canadian prairie, of which it is the eastern-most. The...
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