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The Canadian Warmblood is a Warmblood horse bred in Canada according to International standards and methodologies. Read our Breeding Aim & History ...

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FEATURE: 2019 Licensing Champion

HVL Con Air AB-[CAN]APPR4627-16 S


HVL Con Air(Air Jordan  x  Velvet Black, HeartBreaker) a three year old stallion toppped the 2019 Stallion Licencing held at Old Gate Farm, Olds Alberta Septmeber 16. Owned by New View Stables. Pictured with Ashleigh Charity. Photo: © permission of Two Sisters Photography

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2020 online Stallion Directory - is being updated

The Stallion Directory is being updated for 2020 activated stallions.

If you missed submitting your Stallion Activations for 2020, please submit now. Your information was e-mailed to you. If you have not received this notification, please contact us immediately at: Admin or Stallion Directory

2019 Awards - Results due November 30th

The 2019 Year End Awards and Achievement Awards will be announced at the National AGM in 2020.

If you have not submitted your 2019 show results, you only have a few days left!  E-mail to: awards

If you are not able to be present to collect your Year End Award, it will be mailed to you. All Achievement Awards will also be mailed.


The 2020 Breeder's Directory Online - renewal is due NOW. Contact Accounts for payment to renew or submit a new listing. Remember to confirm your past listing to continue in 2020 and advise the web master.

 Fall Sale was a great success - check out the results


Fall Classic Breeders' Sale
 The 2019 Fall Classic Sale was held at Westerner Park in Red Deer, Alberta, on October 4 & 5 with the auction taking place late afternoon on Saturday, October 5.

 Ontario Chapter Annual General Meeting December 7th

The Ontario Chapter AGM will take place at Halton Place in Milton Ontario. For details click here.

CWHBA Announces New Promo Wear provider!

Thanks to the hard work of an Alberta Chapter member, we now have the opportunity to direct purchase CWHBA branded clothing online! CWHBA has negotiated with Lands'End School Uniforms, a collection of attire to suit everyone... all in the correct colour of dark green, and embroidered with the CWHBA logo. Addition of the embroidered logo is extra. Shipping is from Canada! Pricing is in Canadian $$.

To make sure you get to the right spot, follow this link and create an account with Lands'End to view the CWHBA special selection.

BV Labs - new branding for Maxxam

This name change does not affect our members nor processing of DNA samples with our provider, but you may see a new/different name on reports. Effective June 3, 2019 the parent company of Maxxam (Maxxam Analytics International Corporation) is formally changing their business operating name to Bureau Veritas Canada (2019) Inc. and will be moving to the Bureau Veritas (BV Labs) branding. What will change are the e-mail addresses of laboratory contacts.

Seminars, workshops, plus dinner at the world famous Calgary Zoo. Check Members Area for full details and all 2018 reports. It was a great weekend.

2019 Foal Futurity Sire reference - 2018 SSA

Thank you stallion owners for your generous participation in the 2018 Stallion Service Auction that ran from February 3 - 16, 2018. When you are looking for Nominated stallions for the 2019 Foal Futurities, check the SSA web site linked here.



Many new listings from breeders / owners are being added. Classifieds are a member benefit and may be posted at no cost to members.

Want to place a classified listing? The Member classifieds can be accessed through the Member Area - login link at left. Check out the new and updated listings. Member Sale Horses

2019 USDF Awards
Canadian Warmblood owners who compete for the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) All Breeds Awards will be announced soon. receive their beautiful medals in the mail.

Canadian Warmblood sponsors these awards through the USDF. Congratulations All. Read 2015 USDF Awards


The Member Service of 'Farm Web Site Listings' on our Links page, was last updated and added to March 30, 2018 and will be reviewed again in 2019 shortly.

If you feel that your link has been removed, and several were because the link was no longer active, please send the new web address to the web master, and make sure you have a link back to CWHBA either on your front page or links page.

Want to add your Web Site? Members may submit their Farm web site address to the web master for consideration to add to this listing Member Web Site Links

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Tuesday December 10, 2019



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Search our public online database at CLRC for a CWHBA horse, with full pedigree details, here

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Online Membership Renewal is available through CLRC. Follow the prompts to pay online!
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• Annual member - $85; ($95 if paid after April 1st);
• Associate Member - $35.
To qualify for Awards, you must be a minimum Associate Member.


Nomination Form and Results forms now offer a fillable version to make it easier to complete. You must be a Member to participate! ** Year End Awards nomination due June 30th. Achievement Awards accepted at any time.
-  Awards Nomination Form - Fillable


The Stallion Directory is now being updated for 2020 activated stallions.

If you missed submitting your Stallion Activations for 2020, please submit now. Your information was e-mailed to you. If you have not received this notification, please contact us: Admin or Stallion Directory

Your Stallion Activation Fee for the 2020 Breeding Year was due November 15, 2019, together with your Stallion 'Report of Mares Bred in 2019'. You can get your forms on line here. The completed Report must be submitted together with your Activation Fee and Membership for 2020

Important note - to list the WFFS status of your stallion/s you must advise the webmaster that the test has been done. If the result does not appear on the CLRC database, or we do not have confirmation of his status from your original registry, we will not be able to add a result.


For information on Mare Inspections, please contact your Provincial Inspections Coordinator below.

BC - Marilyn Powell - 250-374-4045
AB - Janine Olson - 403-886-2676
SK - Charmaine Bergman - 306-764-7148
MB - Dana Young - 204-966-3316
ON - Jayme Harvey-Micay - 416-786-8046
QC - Julie Cantin - 418-955-1268
Maritime - Spurlyn Gates - 902-582-3645


A hair sample for DNA profiling and parentage verification MUST be submitted at the time of registration. This came into effect 2011.

Effective 2019 registrations, both parents must have a DNA profile on record for Parentage Verification of all foals and later age.

Effective 2019, BV Labs will be able to offer testing for WFFS (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome). There is a new DNA Application form.


Members and supporters can now visit these Association pages

- Canadian Warmblood Official page on Facebook, or join the,
- Friends of Canadian Warmblood group page. The group page hosts discussions where members may post.
- CWHBA Fall Classic Breeders' Sale. The group page for the Fall Classic Sale News

Commencing July 1st 2015, all services provided by the CWHBA will be GST/HST added.


Depending on the member's place of residence the following rates will apply to all other services including, but not limited to, registrations, inspections, mare entries, stallion licensing and transfers. Please read and follow the directions on the appropriate forms.

  • 13% HST NB, NL & ON Residents, 
  • 14% HST PEI Residents, 
  • 15% HST NS Residents, 
  • 5% GST AB, BC, MB, QC, SK, NT, NU, YT Residents.  

Breeder's Tips

Breeders share their ideas and experiences

Red Boots : Tip from Janine Olson

Every girl loves a pair of red shoes but last year my favorite footwear was a pair of redboots which saved one of my foals.

Many of our friends followed Faiths journey last spring so for now I only want to remind people that if they hear of any foal born with angular limb deformity I am willing to rent out Faiths boots.

These boots came from a company named Redboot; they arrived from Argentina and were developed by an amazing Veterinarian, Agustin Almanza.

Under verterinary care and intensive management these boots were intrumental in helping Faith walk, they supported and aided in the relaxing of her contracted front legs.

For more information: Investigate


Feature Horse

Want to see your horse featured on our web site front page?

Your registered Canadian Warmblood horse could be our next cover girl or cover boy.

Members send us your CWHBA performance ring pictures (.jpg or .jpeg). Include the owner, breeder, breeding, event placing & photo credit.

Please do include a photo credit with your image. Horses must be registered with the CWHBA.

2019 Feature Horses to date.