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CWHBA Year-end High-point Awards:

To Qualify for the Year End High Point:

  1. Awards are given for Dressage, Jumper, Hunter, Eventing and Combined Driving with three Levels of performance in each discipline (Basic, Medium, Advanced)
    ** Horse can qualify for a Combined Driving Award regardless of configuration shown. (e.g. unicorn, pairs, single)

Award Levels


Level 1 – Basic

Level 2 – Medium

Level 3 – Advanced


Walk/Trot / Training / Level 1 / Level 2

Level 3 / Level 4



~2’6” – 2’9”
(0.75m – 0.85m)

~3’ – 3’6”
(0.9m – 1.1m)

3’9” – up
(1.15m +)


~2’9” – 3’3”
(0.80m – 1.0m)

~3’6” – 4’
(1.1m to 1.25m)

(1.30m up)


Starter / Entry / Pre-Training

Training / Preliminary

Intermediate / Advanced




Intermediate / Advanced

2. Points are accumulated from December 1 to November 30.

3. The horse’s best 6 (six) shows to count for the Year End award in each discipline at each level and must be judged by different judges. (see tabulation rules below)

4. A horse can only win the Year-end High-point in each level of each discipline once

5. Horses must be registered CWHBA.

6. Nominations may be made at any time using the above form, however to be considered for the current Year End Awards, must be made by June 30th.

7. Completed point tabulation forms must be received by the Chair of the Awards Committee by November 30 of the award year.

8. Awards will be announced and presented at the National AGM each year.

These forms are in PDF format.. Need Acrobat reader? It is a free download here!

Achievement Award:

This award is open to all entered mares and stallions as well as registered CWHBA horses.

1. A horse can be eligible to receive Achievement Awards in multiple disciplines and at multiple levels, however a horse can only achieve each level in a discipline once.

2. A total of 100 points or more must be accumulated to achieve the Achievement Award at a given level in a discipline. (see point tabulation rules below)

3. Certificates will be presented to the owner, breeder and stallion owner (at the time of breeding). This Award is courtesy of the CWHBA in recognition of achievement.

4. Points used towards the Achievement Award can be accumulated over multiple years.

5. Results from years previous can be applied for nominated horses, provided those results can be verified. ** an administration fee of $35/year is applicable for each prior year’s results submitted at time of nomination.

6. Performance Points towards Mare Production Premium  (Dam) are allocated based on Level of Achievement Award earned… Level 1 = 1 point; Level 2 = 2 points; Level 3 = 3 points.

Lifetime Performance Award:

  • A horse must have been previously nominated for an Achievement Award.
  • A total 1,000 points or more must be achieved. These points are tabulated and may be accumulated from all disciplines and at all levels.
  • This Award is courtesy of the CWHBA in recognition of outstanding achievement.

General Points are tabulated as follows:
Placing Points:

First 7
Second 5
Third 4
Fourth 3
Fifth 2
Sixth 1

Eventing Points are tabulated as follows:-
Placing Points:

First 11
Second 9
Third 8
Fourth 7
Fifth 6
Sixth 5
Seventh 4
Eighth 3
Nineth 2
Tenth 1

Circuit Points: (this is the multiplying coefficient)

Provincial or EC Bronze 1
EC Silver or Gold or equiv. USEF 3
Regional Championships or equiv. USEF 5
National Championships or equiv. USEF 5
International / FEI competition 7

Points for a class = (place points x circuit points) + any Bonus points as below.

Bonus points are awarded for:

Provincial/Area/State Championship +3
National Championship +5
Reserves should not be included.  

General Rules that apply to all awards.

  1. Shows must be recognized Provincial (PaRC, Trillium), EC (or comparable USEA) circuit, Regional or National Championships, or International events (e.g. CDW, CIC, CCI, World Cup, Olympic, Nations Cup).  
  2. Eligible classes are those at that level of competition. For example:- Junior, Amateur, or Maiden classes are eligible for point tabulation.  
  3. Year End Awards: Nomination must be made by June 30 to be considered for the current Year End Awards ; for Achievement Awards they may be made at any time using the form available online, but must be received prior to November 30 to be considered for the current year.
  4. Receipt of Results: Completed point tabulation forms must be received by the Chair of the Awards Committee by November 30 of the award year.
  5. Point information must be submitted on the Point Tabulation form. All information must be included and it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the form is complete and submitted. Results will be verified.
  6. If a horse changes ownership at any time, the points accumulated remain with the horse. These points can be added to subsequent show records with the new owner. Awards will be presented to the owner at the time the award has been achieved.
  7. Awards will be presented at the National AGM each year. A list of award recipients will be published in the Association newsletter and on the Web Site.
  8. Owner must be a minimum Associate Member of the CWHBA to be eligible for Awards.

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