AGM Highlights

The 2023 AGM was held March 17th via Zoom. It was well attended by Directors and Delegates from all the Chapters as well as members and guests. Janice Tyndall was re elected to a two year term as National Chair and two new Directors were introduced. Rod Jack from Alberta and Sarah Biron from Manitoba. Stepping down were Dana Young from Manitoba and Jennette Coote from Alberta.

Jennette was unanimously voted in as Honorary Director in recognition of her service as a founding National Director from 1988 to the present. Read more about her career here.

The Manitoba Chapter recognized the invaluable service of Dana Young, as long standing National Director and expressed gratitude that she will remain on the Manitoba Board as Secretary Treasurer. Read all the reports by clicking on the links in the agenda below.

Sunday March 17th, 2024 1 pm MDT 

Foal Photo Contest Slide Show !!!

1:30 PM –  Call to Order  – Click on report name to see file.

  1. Introduction of Directors & Delegates & Members
  2. Agenda Approval
  3. Approval of Minutes from 2022 AGM
  4. Chair’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Susan Jenkins
    1. Financial report presentation
    2. Presentation of 2024 budget
    3. Affirm rebates to Provincial Chapters
    4. Appoint 2024 Year End Financial Review Officer
  6. Management Committee
    1.  Awards – Marilyn Powell – Chair
    2. Communications– Chris Gould – Chair
    3. Office Administration – Jennette Coote
      1. Office Report – Victoria Kendall
  7. Board
    1. Equestrian Canada – Traceability database – Chris Gould
    2. WBFSH – Janice Tyndall
    3. National Stallion Service Auction – Andre Sigmond, SSA Manager
    4. Equis studbook management software – Chris Gould
  8. Stud Book Committee
    1. Stud Book  Report – Jennette Coote / Janine Olson
    2. 2024 Inspections, National Tour & SPT – Jennette Coote
  9. Provincial Reports
    1. British Columbia – Julie Pilon
    2. Alberta -Cathy Chalack
    3. Saskatchewan – Dianne Million
    4. Manitoba – Jan Ash-Gross
    5. Ontario – Heather Cowell
    6. Quebec – Marie Arsenault
    7. Maritimes – Shenka Wright
  10. Motions
    1. to Ratify actions of the Board in 2023
  11. By-Law Amendments – None this year
  12. Elections
    1. Chair – two year term, elected from the board, any member may make a nomination (incumbent Janice Tyndall)
    2. Stud Book Committee Member – 2 year term, any member may be elected (Incumbent Jennette Coote)
    3. Honorary Member(s)
      1. Motion to create Life Time Contributor designation for posthumous recognition of outstanding service to the CWHBA – (Mara Coote and Charmaine Bergman nominees)

        Mara Coote Freeman

        Charmaine Bergman


      2. Notice of Motion to make Jennette Coote an Honorary Director. – Chris Gould
  13. Other Business
    1. Industry Trends Survey – Chris Gould
    2. From the floor
  14. Motion to set a Date and Location for the 2024 AGM in 2025
  15. Motion to Adjourn