Please Note: all forms are current as of September 22, 2021.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please download and use only these forms below. If you complete the form online, you will need to print it in order to save it. Preferably, download the form to your hard drive, complete it, save as a new file, and send or print then mail to the CWHBA office with fees. FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION use this link.

Please review the Stud Book Entry requirements to know which form you require.

**Note: A hair sample for DNA profiling and/or parent verification must be submitted at the time of Stud Book Entry or Registration. A processing fee for DNA sourced from foreign Registries will apply.

For your Foals you require both sides of the Registration Application form completed including markings, description and signatures (this part can be completed using the online registration option). Mare entry including DNA will be required if the dam of your foal is not already Entered into the Stud Book.
** A hair sample for DNA profiling and parent verification must be submitted at the time of registration  Review the requirements.
** Effective 2019 registrations: Parentage verification will be required for all registration.
Check the Fee Schedule for costs.

The new DNA Application form now offers WFFS testing (Warmblood fragile Foal Syndrome). Please read the instructions carefully and sign the form. No processing can be done without a signature.

All forms are in PDF format which require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, you may download it free of charge by clicking on the icon above and follow the instructions.
Please be patient, some forms may take time to load.

Membership & Business forms

Membership Application – English
Membership Application – French
Lease of Horse Application
Witnessed Affidavit – duplicate certificate application
Transfer of Ownership – English

Registration forms

Registration Application – all age
Breeding Certificate
DNA Application * new 2019 includes WFFS testing

Stud Book Entry and/or Inspection Forms

Inspection Application for Pedigree Approval & Stud Book Entry | Fillable 
Pedigree Approval & Stud Book Entry Application – without Inspection
DNA Application * new 2019 includes WFFS testing
Stallion Service Auction Nomination Form PDF  **or use this Online version

Stallion Report Forms

Stallion Report of Mares Bred

Awards Forms

Awards Program – Nomination Form – fillable PDF

Internal Forms

Communications Action Request Form – Google Form

Bureau Veritas Canada (2019) Inc. (formerly Maxxam Analytics) – Comparison DNA Request

– this form is here for reference only

 Comparison DNA Request – new June 3, 2019. Use of this form is by agreement between the applicant and Bureau Veritas Canada (2019) Inc./Maxxam Analytics. There is no guarantee that any DNA match will be found. This form is a preliminary search and should any potential warmblood parents be identified, there will be an additional processing fee from CWHBA to determine the possibility or probability that any of identified animals fit the requirements for registration.

For assistance with any application, please write the CWHBA Help Desk:-

Submit completed application forms to:

CWHBA Office
404 Avenue D South
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. S7M 1R4, CANADA

Tel: 306-373-6620