There has been a tremendous response, but we need everyone’s input.  Don’t miss this opportunity to make your voice heard.

Where is our industry going? Only you can answer! The survey will close March 31. 

We have put together an Industry Trends Survey to help us all understand the direction that the horse industry is going, particularly our sector that is breeding for equestrian sports. Everyone is encouraged to fill in the survey: riders, owners, coaches, stable operators as well as breeders. The survey is anonymous, but we will publish  the results where everyone can access the information.

Take the survey in English    Répondez au sondage en français

It has been many years since EC made a comprehensive study of the industry so we felt it was at least appropriate for us to ask some questions that would lead us to understand trends and issues in the industry. Are you planning to breed more horses or fewer? What level of training do our riders and owners look for in horses they plan to buy? How do you buy or sell your horses? These questions and more will help us get a picture of the potential for growth and the obstacles that we face as breeders and riders.

Please take five minutes to help us understand what the future holds.