Mare Premiums

1.    Open to CWHBA registered or entered inspected breeding stock.

2.    Owner must be a regular member

Mare Premiums will be awarded from the results of three categories:

  1. Inspection results (conformation)
  2. Performance results
  3. Offspring results (Production)

An Elite Mare Award will be presented based on accumulated points in premium categories. Current membership is not required.

awarded the dark green stall plaque ‘Inspection premium’

Including evaluations of mares at age 2 years and over, and progeny aged 2 years and over.

  1. Premium: inspection score 7.5 and above – 2 points
  2. Premium: inspection score 7.0 – 7.49 – 1 point

2. MARE PRODUCTION AWARD: on accumulation of 5 points, the mare is awarded the burgundy stall plaque ‘Production Premium’; these Premiums are listed here together with mares earning 3 or 4 points.

On earning 3 points, mares will be given recognition on the web site and in the Association publications and at the National AGM.

    • Points are awarded to Mares for the accumulated results of their Progeny in both Inspection (as above) and Performance, tabulated according to the formulae below.

    PERFORMANCE PREMIUM: Performance premium points are cumulative for any horse, however, there is a maximum of 3 performance points that can be applied per single progeny 

         3 points – Competition results as for stallion, earned performance requirements:

    • successful completion of a Stallion Performance Test,
    • have been placed in the first three
      • five times in Intermediaire dressage competition or,
      • five times in National Open Jumper competitions or,
      • three times in the first ten in Concour Complete International Two Star (CCI**) competition or have,
      • won 3 Open Hunter Championships at class 1 shows, or
    • Level 3 or Lifetime Achievement Award

         2 points

    • Level 2 Achievement Award
    • Material class winner (five or more entries)
    • Mare/riding horse test score 7.5 or better
    • Competition results – EC or USEF recognized shows:
      • Dressage, Level 3 – 60% or better three times; or
      • Jumper, 1.20m (4′) division into jumpoff three times; or
      • Eventing, Training score under 50 pts three times; or
      • Hunter, 1.10m (3’6″) division, three times placed third or better

         1 point

    • Level 1 Achievement Award
    • Material class winner (four entries or less)
    • Mare/riding horse test score 7.0 – 7.49

         **   Other progeny results from non-CWHBA competition may be considered on application to the Awards Committee, including but not limited to Young Event Horse classes; Royal Winter Fair Futurities. Allocation of points will be at the sole discretion of the Awards Committee and is still subject to the maximum of 3 performance points that can be applied per progeny.


    10 points required total.

    1. Points can be accumulated from Inspection and Performance of the Elite Mare Candidate, together with points earned for her Production Premium by her offspring; points may consist entirely of Production Premium points earned by offspring.
    2. Application for an Elite Mare Award must be made to the Stud Book Committee together with any appropriate documentation to verify performance records and offspring pedigrees for points being used from non-CWHBA events.  At least one of her progeny must be registered CWHBA.
    3. CWHBA will track all points earned at CWHBA events for inspection and performance, as well as that submitted for Year End and Achievement Awards.
    4. This Award will be given to the breeder of the last registered foal whose points contributed to the award.
    5. Open to all registered and/or entered and inspected mares