Welcome to the Saskatchewan Chapter.  We have an active membership of enthusiastic breeders and owners. If you are looking for a new Warmblood horse or an opportunity to join in our breed activities, we are ready to help. For more information about our programs and events contact us at,  for information about our foal futurity and mare inspections contact

Saskatchewan is considered one of the three prairie provinces in Canada. Grassland covers the southern plains subsequently,over the years there have been many jokes about Saskatchewan being flat,”you can see your dog run away for three days”. As you move north you will encounter parkland with rolling hills,evergreen and deciduous forests, rivers, lakes for fishing, camping, boating, cabin living. 

Moving even further north you will reach the rugged rock of the Canadian Shield plateau. To the south Saskatchewan borders the United States.

Regina,the provincial capital, has the training centre for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and was for many years the breeding centre for their famous black horses. It is also home to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, with exhibits on natural history and the people of Canada’s First Nations. Saskatchewan’s population(2019) of 1.174 million is concentrated in the southern half and includes the largest proportion of indigenous people of any of the provinces. Saskatchewan has two universities located in Saskatoon and Regina. Saskatoon is the location for one of Canada’s largest and best veterinary colleges; the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. It is the site of significant equine research and its out-clinic provides tremendous benefit to Warmblood breeders locally and regionally.

Interspersed across the province, on the plains, river valleys and parkland you will find our Warmblood horse breeders. The famous hard prairie grass and open spaces for rearing, produces horses with solid bone and good minds. Over the last 20 years the caliber of the horses being produced has improved tremendously, due to the dedication of our breeders continually striving to improve the quality of mares and stallions.

Some of the ‘pioneers’ in the industry have changed their direction and are now coaching, teaching, judging, and mentoring young people and new breeders. To encourage interest in Warmblood horses the chapter hosts a yearly showcase where breeders and riders can participate in classes geared toward breed improvement through performance classes, mare inspections, stallion licensing, and foal classes. These gatherings are a opportunity to meet new people, share ideas,and enjoy fabulous food.

All things considered Saskatchewan, with its excellent rearing conditions and an active community of breeders, is an excellent place to raise Warmblood horses. The future looks bright.