Once again using the video format, seven stallions were evaluated from Alberta and B.C. Six were licensed and one was asked to re-present next year. The inspection panel consisted of Hakan Wahlman (Finland), Chris Gould, Janine Olson, Jennette Coote, the onsite inspectors Marilyn Powell (B.C.) and Cathy Chalack (AB). Chair Janice Tyndall provided oversight and Victoria Kendall acted as Secretary

Champion Stallion was Messi AO (Zambesi – Gilona AO) owned by Brittany McCully.

The quality of stallions presented was impressive; two of which were Canadian Warmbloods, a complement to our Canadian breeders. It was the year of the bays.

Licensing Champion

Messi AO – bay 2017 Zambesi TN- Gilona AO x Zavall VDL B. A Osinga O. Brittany McCully

Modern, attractive and athletic with very good scope and gallop. Correct with good gaits to complement his powerful jumping ability.




Top Gunn – bay 2019 Numero VII – Billy Autumn B/O. Lindsay Powell

Modern stallion, harmonious with a beautiful expression. Elastic gaits and good breed and sex type.



Rip’n Rio – bay 1999 Rio Grande – Fox In The Field x Feinschnitt II Van de Richter B. Stephan and Bonny Bunda O. New Horizon

Aged stallion in amazing condition. Strong type, very sound with a good walk and impressive jumping ability.


Canduri Z – bay 2020 Cornet Obolensky – Casha Van De Kornelishoeve x Toulon O. Rosenol Performance Horses.

Nice type with an attractive head and long top line. Good correctness and gallop with an elastic trot.


Leviathan GET – bay 2020 Landkonig – Vienna DG x Contango B. Danette L Ball O. Kristen Olychuk (Exquisite Tile Surfaces Inc.

All around performer with good correctness and walk. At three, one of the youngest stallion presented.


Joey – bay 2019 Vleut – Haifa Des Cresles x Rosire O. Meagan Ward

Good gallop and body conformation with a neck that could be longer. Gave a positive impression.


Photo credits Messi (Brittany McCully), Top Gunn and Leviathan GET (Susanne de Montreuil Photography), Rip’n Rio (Cassandra Morrish), Canduri Z (Erika Smith),  Joey (Meagan Ward)