T.W. Voltage

T.W. VOLTAGE – Licensed
Registry: CWHBA
Licensed – Red Deer
CWHBA #: AB-[CAN]9079-16 S
WFFS: Tested Clear (N/N)
Date of Birth: 2016
Colour: Bay
Height: 16.1 at 2 yrs Hands
Owner: Janine L Olson
Standing: Bowden, Alberta
Contact: Janine Olson
Address: 37130 Range Road 263, Red Deer County, AB T4E1H8
Telephone: 403-350-4062 403-886-2676 Fax: 403-886-4100
E-Mail: janine@twowillowequine.com
Web Site: Two Willows Equine.com


Two Willows is proud to present an exciting new stallion to the North American market. Presented as a 2 yr old to the CWHBA they were impressed with his type,conformation (7.92), correctness of gaits (8) and saw a great future in this young stallion.

Voltage has presence, a gorgeous expression with a soft eye and his ‘Bling’ which is trademark from his sire Centim.

T.W. Voltage was lightly started in 2018 and met our expectations as a willing learner and a stallion who is eager to please his rider. A trait highly sought after in performance horses in the jumper-hunter rings where we see his future.

Sire: Centim (deceased) was a talented Imported Czech Stallion with the lines of Cassilius which include: Cassini I, Capitol I, Landgraf I. Centim was winner of his 100 day approval (2005) in Europe (Slovakia) with a super future ahead of him. He competed up to the 1.40 m classes overseas prior to being imported to Canada.

In Canada-USA Centim was shown in the Hunter- Derby classes with super technique and his eye catching Chrome was always trademark. Centim’s progeny who are just beginning to enter the show ring are doing well in the Jumper-Hunter and Eventing disciplines.

Dam: Vera Lisa (KWPN) and premium scoring CWHBA main mare 15.3 1/2 HH boasts the lines of Metall, Olympic Ferro and Libero H.
– Metall son of Olympic Ferro competed to PR St George plus sired sons that competed in the young riders in Europe in Show Jumping.
– Libero H (1.60 stallion) is from the well known lines of Landgraf I- Ladykiller.
– Vera Lisa (deceased) brings to T.W. Voltage the foundation of great dressage and jumper lines that are evident in the use of body, shoulder and scope.

Dam offspring: T.W. Pillow Talk (mare) is a super example of the quality this dam line produce for future performance horses.

T.W. Voltage – An exciting young Stallion with a bright future.



AB-[CAN]APPR3791-02 S
Cassilius Cassini I Capitol I
Ranka Landgraf I
Chimera Dietward -4 Dietward Ii
Quoniam Ii
Bonita Przedswit XX

Vera Lisa


Metall Ferro Ulft
Edelweis Ramiro
Mona Lisa Libero H Landgraf I
Hadjah Beaujolais

Breeding Fee: $$1100.00

Booking Fee: $Included (Booking Fee Included)

Available by: On Farm A.I., Transported Cooled Semen,

LFG: Yes

Limitations: Limited Breedings Available for 2019

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